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‘ Agro Sandesh ‘ launches by Sandesh Group Download Now PDF File

‘ Agro Sandesh ‘ launches by Sandesh Group Download Now PDF File

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Sandesh’s CMD said Agro Sandesh “will make a positive contribution to Gujarat farmers ‘ growth. The Gujarati weekly24-page tabloid-size would obtain a motion form and promote farmers in their projects. Farmers are a very significant component of the economy of a country; therefore Agro Sandesh would meet its micro-information requirements and build trust.
Agro Sandesh would cater to their micro information needs and would generate confidence amongst them and facilitate them with information to go global.”

Asked on the concept behind the tabloid, he said, “We began working on this idea almost six months ago. We thought that it made absolute sense, as a social responsibility, for our newspaper group, especially from the farmers’ perspective, as not enough coverage is given to their relevance in daily newspapers. Secondly, we believed, the advertisers would also be interested in an ever expanding but focused niche audience of rural and semi-urban farmers with high purchasing capacity and therefore would certainly welcome the idea as a great advertising vehicle.”

Now we’re going to begin focusing on advertising agencies and advertisers as they’re going to be able to verify their own reaction and see the item. We also focus on large-scale subscriptions and direct marketing. We even intend to organize numerous helpful activities for farmers and the associated community in the near future. 
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